2014-2015 Junior Research Fellowships AXA



Post-Doctoral Fellowships


The Junior Research Fellowship (aka Post-Doctoral) funding is granted for a fixed duration of 24 months, for a maximum total of €120 000.
To apply for these fellowships, host institutions must be registered in the AXA Research Fund’s database and located within the geographical scope below.
The AXA Research Fund does not accept unsolicited applications from individual applicants
The AXA Research Fund does not place restrictions on the nationality of the Junior Research Fellow.
The AXA Research Fund’s geographical scope (reviewed on a yearly basis) for Junior Research Fellowship funding includes:
Please note that although a given candidate may be presented twice by the same institution, they cannot submit the same proposal twice.
Applications must be submitted by the research institution to which the candidate’s host laboratory belongs, and where the post-doctoral work is to be carried out.


1. Institutions registration

 Until Oct. 12, 2014

2. Institutions request application slots

 Starts Oct. 15, 2014

 Ends Nov. 8, 2014

  • Only registered institutions may apply for a Junior Research Fellowship (see step 1).
  • Institutions wishing to present candidates are asked to fill out an online form and select among 12 research fields representative of their strongholds in terms of fundamental research. The point is to highlight their strengths, values and strategy.
  • Institutions are not limited to these initial choices and are allowed to present candidates in other research fields once they have been informed of the number of applicants they may present
    (from 0 to 4).

NB: Neither applicants’ names nor specific project descriptions are expected at this stage of the process.

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